Festival Rules

Applications closing date:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any entries made after the closing date.



Graded classes – Candidates may perform pieces from any current syllabus of the relevant grades. Performers must not have passed a higher grade than that from which their piece is taken.


Age classes – Candidates must fall within the age range and school year up to August 2020.



Class Etiquette - All performers must provide their own accompanist Please click for a list of recommended piano accompanists.


Copies of all music should be provided for the adjudicator (photocopies will be destroyed after the class).


To ensure the smooth running of the festival timetable, all time limits should be carefully observed. If performances exceed the time limits set, the performance may be halted before it is completed.


Performers are encouraged to announce their piece(s) to the assembled audience, and receive applause with a bow. Any introductions should be included in the time limit.


Music stands and chairs are provided; performers must provide any special requirements (e.g. spike holders, special chairs/stools etc.)


Awards – The emphasis of this event is on participation and education, rather than competition.  Every performer will receive a certificate.  Class placings will be given at the discretion of the adjudicator.


The adjudicator’s decisions are final and any comments or queries should be directed in writing to the organising committee.

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